We are Corpus Callosum, a band based out of Calgary, AB. We strive to deliver a genre of music that isn't very well known to the Calgary area: progressive metal. A sound we believe stands its own ground, and one we hope to share with the world. The band's name, Corpus Callosum, comes from the part of your brain responsible for inter hemispheric communication between the right and left side. It is the perfect balance between order and chaos; creativity and calculation, which is why we deemed it the perfect name for our band.

We have been playing music together since our early ages of Jr. High. From playing Green Day and Offspring in our our parent's garages, to playing Metallica and Pantera on stage at our local youth group, to finally landing where we have dreamt of being our entire lives. Performing Technically challenging and complex structured music compiled of brutal metal, malicious breakdowns, and pirate, circus, western hoedowns!

The band draws it's inspiration from all kinds of music and nostalgic video games. a few of our inspirations come from bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders, and Meshuggah. We in no way compare ourselves to the pure brilliance that these bands produce, although we place no boundary on our music or what we aspire it to one day become.

For those visiting our page, wether you are personal friends of ours, heard us live, or just come across us while searching on the web, we thank you. We would not be here today if it wasn't for the support of everyone along the way. We hope you enjoy our music, and continue to follow us as a band. We have much much more to offer as a band and plan to continue to write, record, release, and perform music until our final days. Hit us up on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook (links at the bottom of the page) and don't forget to download our Free EP on the home or media page! Cheers.


Andre - Guitar/Vocals
Jared - Bass

Andre was born in northern Alberta, and moved to Calgary at a fairly young age. He got his first guitar as a gift when he was 12 and has been playing music ever since. He studied music at RDC where he was classically trained and spent most of his time writing music and collaborating with his current band members, with the vision of one day launching a project that would soon come to be known as Corpus Callosum.



PRS Custom, Duel Rectifier Mesa Boogie

Ted - Drums

Jared started playing guitar at a fairly young age. His taste in music spanning through many genres and across many decades has given him much versatility to implement into his new technique and style. He has now taken the skills he has acquired, and applied them to perform bass for Corpus Callosum.


SDgr Soundgear by Ibanez, Line 6 Low Down LD175

Ted is a drummer born and raised in Calgary. Being raised in a jazz background, Ted soon found metal and began playing in the Calgary metal scene at an early age, this has culminated in his interest and passion for progressive metal.



Tama drums, Zildjian and Sabean cymbals, Remo heads, Vic Firth sticks, Trick pedals

Dave - Guitar/Vocals
William - Keys

David began playing guitar at the age of 11, and after a couple of years of lessons, had started learning songs by bands like Led Zeppelin and Metallica. This led to the ongoing discovery of many much heavier guitar influences like Death, Pantera and Opeth. After being in a high school folk-metal band and continuing to play guitar and jam with like-minded musicians, at the age of 21 he joined a friend’s band called Sub-Atomic Chaos. Ted has been the drummer of Sub-Atomic ever since then, as well as Andre and Jared filling in at times too, and that’s how Dave came to know the rest of us. We have all developed great musical chemistry from years of jamming together, and with Dave now in Corpus Callosum we can combine our musical experience and grow our sound even more.


Ltd guitars (EC-401 and Alexi-600), Randall RT100

William is a born and raised Calgary musician who started out as a trumpet player and eventually moved on to the drums. After studying music in Victoria for a few years, Will picked up the piano. William has always had a spot for metal in is heart and over the years has grown an appreciation of music of all kinds. While drums and percussion are at the heart of his musical journey, music can take its path through many instruments. Corpus Callosum has given him the opportunity to add keys to his rep and he has plans to add a unique taste of auxiliary and melodic percussion as well.


Yamaha Piaggero NP V60